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About FATA

The erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is a tribal region in the northwest of Pakistan, lying between existing districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the north and east, Balochistan to the south, and the neighbouring country of Afghanistan to the west. The territory is almost exclusively inhabited by various Pashtun tribes. This newly merged region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa comprises of seven districts and six sub divisions. Read more


About FATA Development Authority

FATA Development Authority is a specialized development organization established to broach more innovative, fast track and participatory approach and to replace the conventional straight jacket development systems. FATA Development Authority is structured on corporate and commercial lines with a lean bureaucratic setup. Read more


The tribal area in north west of Pakistan, formerly known as FATA, is a rapidly developing peaceful region where people are prospering by availing opportunities of economic well-being on a sustainable basis and thereby making positive contribution to national growth and development.


Breaking with the past and putting the erstwhile FATA on the path towards sustainable development through carefully planned fast-track economic development interventions and enhancing ability of the people to make effective use of natural and human resources of the region.

Success Stories - An Overview

FATA Development Authority is entrusted to conceive and plan socio-economic development projects for prosperity and well being of the tribes; uncap the natural wealth for ensuring maximum utilization of the local manpower and resources. With these objectives in mind, FATA DA took necessary steps under a well thought-out, farsighted and a realistic approach. Today, its achievements in line with the given tasks are of great encouragement and satisfaction. The tangible achievements shown in the succeeding paragraphs are visible in field which have enriched living standard of the locals which is a testimony that the efforts made by FATA Development Authority are yielding results and is headed in the right direction.

Success Stories - Small Dams / Irrigation Schemes

► A huge command area of approx 32331 Acres brought under cultivation
► Huge population given access to clean drinking water
► As a result, locals engaged in various income generating activities
► Resultantly, use of clean drinking water minimized water-borne diseases
► Power generation projects – smooth electricity supply prospects.

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