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The Tribal districts (Erstwhile FATA) has been bestowed with huge natural resources. Detail of major minerals resources are as below:

S/NoName Of MineralIndicated Reserves (Approx.) (Million Tons)Proven Reserves (Million Tons)
8Silica Sand600537
13Cement grade Limestone800460

A number of minerals exploration, infrastructure development and private sector facilitation projects have been initiated by FDA. Following are some of the activities completed in minerals sector:

  • 7000 meters core drilling completed on Shinkai Copper, North Waziristan Agency. As a result 14 million tons of copper reserves proven.
    Two copper enrichment plants each of 500 tons capacity procured and installed at Shinkai, North Waziristan District by Frontier Works Organization.
  • About 12000 tons soapstone excavated from Daradar & Gandao area of Kurram District. More than 500 locals engaged during mining.
  • During the year 2018-19, about 15 km shingle roads were construction in minerals bearing areas of FATA, about 185 kms road completed till date. Due to these added infrastructure, minerals production has enhanced resulting in increase of Government royalty from Rs 80 million to Rs 130 million.
  • Satellite Mine Rescue Centre established in Orakzai and Dara Adam Khel (FR Kohat) were made operational. Rescue operation conducted and provided thus precious lives of 50 Mine Workers were saved. 10 abandoned coal mines were rehabilitated and made operational.
  • Under exploration two schemes i.e. Decorative & Dimension Stones and Metallic Mineral Exploration in mineral bearing areas were approved and physical work in Orakzai & Kurram Districts started under the two these schemes. Geological studies were conducted in different parts of Khyber, Orakzai & Kurram Districts. The data generated will be used for future planning.


Joint Venture with PMDC
A joint Venture for mining and marketing of Kurram Soapstone has been signed with Pakistan Minerals Development Corporation (PMDC).
As per the agreement, following is break-up of shares:
FATA DA : 70%
PMDC : 30%
Revenue of Rs 9.00 million was earned, while Rs 13.4 million was paid as Quomi Commission.

Joint Venture with FWO
For mining and concentration of Shikai Copper in Norrh Waziristan district, FATA DA has signed a Joint Venture agreement with Frontier Works Organization (FWO). as per the agreement, all expenditure will be borne by FWO and Stake holder share will be as follow:
i) FATA DA: 10%
ii) Quomi Commission 40%
iii) Investor(FWO) 50%
Pilot scale copper enrichment plant was operated. Rs 0.11 million was transferred to FATA DA and Rs 0.70 million paid to locals, as their profit share.

Achievements in Oil & Gas  exploratory activities

During last one year, various Oil & Gas companies including OGDCL, Al-Haj Enterprises Pvt Ltd, BGP (Pakistan), Xian  Senshe, Geofysika Krakow and MOL (Pakistan) have launched exploration activities in different districts/sub-divisions and established base camps and fly camps there. Details of these blocks are as under:

  1. 15 blocks have been allotted to various National and Multinational Exploration and Production Companies in erstwhile FATA
  2. OGDCL has completed 2D seismic data acquisition in Latamber and Kohat Block
  3. Al-Hajj Enterprises (Private) Limited has completed 2D Seismic data acquisition in Baska North block and will commence drilling by the end of 2018.
  4. MOL has completed surface geological mapping & gravity survey in Tal Block (North Waziristan, Sub-division Wazir) and now planning for 2D Seismic Survey.
  5. BGP (Pakistan) International, contractor of OGDCL has completed 2D Seismic survey in Wali block.Two mega Geological structures were identified in the area, further interpretation/investigation of collected Seismic Data Acquisition is in process.
  6. 2800 local Tribesmen were attached with these Oil & Gas Companies in their respective areas for on job services
  7. More than Rs. 3.5 billion were invested so far by Oil & Gas Companies (Lease Holders) in erstwhile FATA – a historical milestone
  8. Two new blocks i.e. Wana Block(South Waziristan) and Mir Ali Block(North Waziristan) have been identified for further attraction of Investment and creation of job opportunities for locals in erstwhile FATA