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FATA has been bestowed with huge natural resources. Major mineral resources in FATA are shown in the following table:

(Million Tons)

S/NoName Of MineralIndicated Reserves (Approx.)Proven ReservesPresent Extraction
8Silica Sand600537-
13Cement grade Limestone8004601.200

In order to enhance the mineral development potential, FATA DA has initiated a number of mineral exploration, infrastructure development and private sector facilitation projects which, on completion, will provide basis for planning mineral sector activities on scientific lines. This will promote confidence building of private sector for investment resulting in generation of enormous employment opportunities and supply of indigenous raw material to the local industry. Some of these projects have been completed and others are in progress.


In addition to the existing one Mine Rescue center in Babar Mela (Orakzai Agency), two new satellite Mine Rescue Centers have been established in Darra Adam Khel (FR Kohat) and Dauli (Orakzai Agency).   This has resulted in economic activities in the area. Moreover, 800 safety equipment have been provided to miners in various areas. These miners are now safely carrying out mining activities in the area. Moreover, 35 closed mines were also re-opened during last year. After the personal efforts of Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  work on soap stone mining in Kurram Agency was re-started during last year, after 8 years. As a result, 10,000 tons soapstone was extracted which generated Rs. 196 millions. (Rs. 18 million paid to the quaum as quami commission @ Rs. 1800 per ton, Rs. 15 million was FATA DA share @ Rs. 1500 per ton and the remaining Rs. 156 million went to investor.  About 400 locals were engaged in this activity.

Achievements in Oil & Gas  exploratory activities are detailed below:

During last one year, various Oil & Gas companies including OGDCL, Al-Haj Enterprises Pvt Ltd, BGP (Pakistan), Xian  Senshe, Geofysika Krakow and MOL (Pakistan) have launched exploration activities in different Agencies/FRs and established base camps and fly camps there. Details of these blocks are as under:

  1. 2D Seismic data acquisition has been completed in Latambar Block (FR Bannu), Kohat Block (FR Peshawar, FR Kohat and Lower Orakzai Agency) by OGDCL and Baska North Block (FR DI Khan & SWA) by Al-Hajj Enterprise Pvt Ltd (AEPL).
  2. MOL has completed surface geological mapping and gravity survey in Tal Block (NWA & FR Bannu) and now planning for 2D Seismic survey is in process.
  3. BGP (Pakistan) contractor of OGDCL has completed 80%  of the total planned 2D Seismic survey in Wali (FR Tank, FR Lakki Marwat and South Waziristan Agency)
  4. 2200 locals (skilled and unskilled) were employed by these companies in their respective activities.
  5. For the first time in the history of FATA, more than 30 billion rupees have been invested by various exploration and production companies for investigation of oil and gas in FATA.
  6. These oil and gas companies have constructed drinking water facility in their respective blocks/areas and awarded labour, food, water supply and fuel contracts to concerned locals.
  7. In addition, these companies have established free medical camps in the respective blocks/areas and distributed free medicines among the locals.
  8. Two new blocks have been identified in FATA for Oil & gas Exploration activities to attract investors. These are:  Wana Block (South Waziristan Agency) and Mir Ali Block (North Waziristan Agency).