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Skills Development


Despite training of many FATA youth by FATA DA in various trades, the gap between skilled and unskilled youth is still very wide. Therefore, FATA DA has drastically increased the target of institution-based programme from 1700 to 7000 per annum. So far 26758 boys have been trained. Similarly, 28687 women have been trained in skills centers throughout FATA . On-job training is another programme under which youth are attached to various reputed organizations to gain experience in the relevant field. Moreover, another programme has been initiated in which FATA youth are taught business techniques.

FATA youth, after getting skills training, become eligible for various jobs and businesses. But neither all trained youth can find jobs nor they can start their businesses due to non-availability of credit facilities by the banks. Therefore, FATA DA has arranged credit facility and has provided Rs. 550 million to a reputed firm “Akhuwat” to provide interest-free loans to the trained youth throughout FATA. So far, more than 26053 youth have been provided credit. With this arrangement the trained youth have started their small businesses and are earning handsome income for their families. They are now busy in constructive activities and playing their due role in the economic development of FATA. In addition, these youth trained by FATA DA have found jobs in Pakistan and abroad and have become source of income for their families.

A “Job Placement Center” has been established which is providing support to trained FATA youth in searching jobs and also provides career counseling assistance.


As a result of training of large number of FATA youth in the market-oriented trades, their attentions have been diverted to constructive activities. They have now started small businesses in their own areas. For this purpose, interest-free loans have been provided to FATA youth. In addition to the benefits of earning handsome incomes, they have provided jobs to other jobless people at their outlets. Owing to the fact that their involvement in such activities will improve their standard of living, locals are now demanding for enhancement of such programs. These quick impact projects have multiplier effect. FATA DA is making further efforts to provide them more facilities.