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Small Dams / Power

This important sector receives almost 50% funds of the FATA DA ADP each year. With this increased allocation, FATA DA has been able to complete a number of important dams and other projects.  Moreover, feasibility studies of various projects including power generation were also completed.

So far, FATA DA has completed the following 7 Small Dams and 27 Irrigation Schemes:

Small Dams Completed:

  1. Dargai Pal Small Dam, SWA
  2. Dandy Small Dam, NWA
  3. Moto Shah Small Dam, Mohmand Agency
  4. Sheen Kach Small Dam, FR Tank
  5. Zao Small Dam, Khyber Agency
  6. Kand Small Dam, NWA
  7. Ping Small Dam, FR Bannu


Irrigation Schemes Completed:

  1. Sheen Warsak Irrigation Scheme, SWA
  2. Musa Nikka Irrigation Scheme, SWA
  3. Zeera Letta Irrigation Scheme, SWA
  4. Sadda Weir  Lower Kurram, Agency
  5. Walai Killi Bazar Zakha Khel Irrigation Scheme, Khyber Agency
  6. Pir Qayum Drinking Water, Kurram Agency
  7. Makha Zai Irrigation Scheme, Kurram Agency
  8. Zarwam Irrigation Scheme, FR Bannu
  9. Jallandar Irrigation Scheme, Kurram Agency
  10. Shahbaz Sum Irrigation Scheme, Kurram Agency
  11. Shawa Irrigation Scheme, NWA
  12. Maula Khan Sarai Irrigation Scheme, SWA
  13. Srai Ghwarghai Irrigation Scheme, Khyber Agency
  14. Chinna Irrigation Scheme, Khyber Agency
  15. Bokar Irrigation Scheme, Khyber Agency
  16. Aziz Khwar SCheme, Khyber Agency.
  17. Shahab Dadai Irrigation Scheme, NWA.
  18. Sherma Kach, NWA
  19. Haji Dand, Khyber Agency
  20. Ayobya Sain Tanga, FR Bannu
  21. Talgai FR Bannu
  22. Adroof Poya Jani Khel, FR Bannu
  23. Tripal Jhawar,SWA
  24. Toor Kach,NWA
  25. Gul Badshah Kach, F R Tank
  26. Mastho Sangarai, F R Bannu
  27. Maro Khel, Kurram Agency










Construction of these projects has yielded results in the shape of controlling soil erosion and inundation of fertile agriculture land by floods. Land is now being irrigated from these dams. Local people are cultivating different crops in these areas in addition to wildlife and other activities. Moreover, clean drinking water has been provided to the locals through these completed projects. As a result, water born diseases in the area have been minimized. FATA DA has also initiated a number of multipurpose small irrigation schemes.  Some of these sites are for drinking water from which huge population will be benefited. Irrigation components of these schemes have already brought a huge land under cultivation. Some sites identified by the FATA DA for the first time, show that electricity can also be generated.  Another important multipurpose dam is “Jabba” in Khyber Agency. After completion of feasibility study and land acquisition and detail design, PC-I is submitted to competent forum for approval. This dam will provide clean drinking water to Jamrud area of Khyber Agency and a great population of District Peshawar. Another important feature of this dam is that the risk of floods in downward areas at Peshawar will be mitigated.

Ongoing Projects:

The following 7 Small Dams and 13 Irrigation Scheme projects are at various stages of implementation:-

S. No.Project Name
1Chao Tangi Small Dam, SWA
2Shakai Small Dam, SWA
3Pindiali Small Dam, Mohmand Agency
4Khara Ghara Small Dam, FR Bannu
5Raghagan Dam, Bajaur Agency
6Sarobi Small Dam, NWA
7Gandao Small Dam, Mohmand Agency
8Spinkai Raghzai irrigation scheme, SWA
9Jabba off Take irrigation scheme, Kurram Agency
10Gunrah Aziz Abad, SWA
11Monzar Kalai, SWA
12Mehmood Kach, FR Tank
13Kowsar Zorbandai, Bajaur Agency
14Shah Kas, Bajaur Agency
15Dara Ghar Shamozai Irrigation & Water Supply Scheme, Bajaur Agency
16Shalimar Kas irrigation & Water Supply Scheme, Bajaur Agency
17Yousaf Abad Irrigation & Water Supply Scheme, Bajaur Agency
18Towda Cheena Ishangi Irri & Water Shpply Scheme, SWA
19Emaa Raghazai, SWA
20Turki Ismael Khel Khyber Agency

IMPACT: With the completion of various schemes in different Agencies/FRs, a number of economic activities have been started. Various crops have become a source of income of the poor people. In addition, availability of clean drinking water has minimized water-born diseases in these areas.