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Success Stories – Minerals

Three Satellite Mine Rescue Centers have been established by FATA DA in Babar Mela and Dauli (Orakzai Agency) and Darra Adam Khel (FR Kohat). In addition, 800 safety equipment have been provided to miners in various areas.

These Mines Rescue Centers have proved to be very useful for the lives and health of the miners. Many casualties have been avoided due to its emergency rescue arrangements. The miners who were provided safety equipment are now safely carrying out mining activities in the area. 35 closed mines have been re-opened so far due to which economic activities have been started in the respective areas. Besides, 220 mine workers have been trained in adopting different safety techniques.

Moreover, it will not be out of place to mention that after the personal efforts of Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, work on soapstone mining in Kurram Agency re-started during last year. As a result, 11508 tons soapstone was extracted which generated Rs. 198 millions. About 450 locals have been engaged in this activity.