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Success Stories – Minerals

  • 6400 meters core drilling completed on Shinkai Copper, NWA
  • 14 million tons of copper reserves proven.
  • Two copper enrichment plants each of 500 tons capacity procured and are being installed at site.
  • About 5000 tons soapstone excavated. More than 400 locals engaged during mining.
  • In 2017-18, around 20 km shingle roads constructed in minerals bearing areas. Total till date, about 170 km roads completed in FATA.
  • Satellite Mine Rescue Centre established in Orakzai and Dara Adam Khel(FR Kohat) were made operational.
  • 230 mines workers have been trained.
  • 40 mines worker rescued during rescue operations.
  • 15 abandoned mines were rehabilitated and made operational.
  • Two new schemes for Metallic Minerals Exploration and Decorative & Dimension Stones in FATA approved. Work in Orakzai & Kurram Agencies has been started.